The World’s Top Three Companies Investing in Science

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The World’s Top Three Companies Investing in Science

Some of the smartest companies in the world are beginning to invest in science. Scientific investments create good PR while giving back to the company and the public. Here are some of the top investors in science over the past few years.


One of these major trendsetters is Venrock. Venrock is a major contributor to the pharmaceutical industry, with substantial contributions since 2008. The company has made several watch lists for their well performing health care investments. This company has been a major investor in several multi-billion dollar projects, and their company has reaped the financial benefits. Venrock was one of the earliest financial investors in the company Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, which is now a billion dollar endeavor.

Polaris Ventures

Polaris Ventures is another company that has been doing well in science investments. Their main focus is on life science research, and they have been a major supporter of Adimab. Polaris Ventures is another company that shows how investing in the sciences can do wonders for a company. Polaris Ventures was also one of the early investors in Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, a company that is now extremely successful. Because of their investments in Adimab and other projects, the company has gained a large following and has become one of the top investors in science over the past few years.

Advanced Technology Ventures

Advanced Technology Ventures has been a major partner in some of the most important health care deals over the past few years. Notably, their investments were key to Ardian and Plexxikon development. The company continues to do well in its uncanny ability to predict the most successful scientific projects and invest where needed. They have also shown that some of the most successful and profitable investments are in the life sciences and health care sectors.


The reasons for investing money in the latest scientific technologies, such as trusted polymer custom synthesis, are varied. By donating money to science, they are able to support firms that are contributing to society. Companies can take advantage of the good PR this creates. They also can benefit from the income produced when a new scientific technology becomes mainstream. Companies may also want to establish their links to successful scientific firms, thereby boosting their own stock. And, in some cases, the investments may satisfy a personal interest or goodwill by the higher-ups of the company. For these reasons and others, many companies will hopefully continue to invest in the sciences and drive scientific knowledge forward.


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