Why did the power go out in the Super Bowl?

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So lots of people are probably wondering, “Why did the power go out during the Super Bowl“. The Super Bowl, for anyone who lives under a rock, is the largest TV production of the year. It’s the championship game of American Football. People throw parties, spend lots of money on snacks and beer, bet vigorously with whoever will accept their money, and generally look forward to this game more than any other game in sports. Personally, I spent the night with my family. We ordered pizza and drank ice tea and soda, so the advertisers were disappointed in my lack of consumption.

The game itself was one of the best Super Bowls I’ve seen in a while. What made it exciting? I don’t think it was the very dance intensive half time show. The overall play of both teams was good. Many times the Super Bowl is a bust because one team is clearly better than the other. That’s how this one started in fact. The Ravens had a demanding lead in the first half, then they returned the kickoff of the second half. Half an hour in the locker room must have been a needed rest for the kick returner. But here’s the funny thing. Before things could get rolling again, the power went out in half the stadium. I had been talking at the time it happened and when I glanced back at the screen, the announcers weren’t talking and the cameras were pointed up in the air at what seemed to be nothing, because the lights weren’t shining back at the camera. A few minutes when by, the TV station cut to commercial, which must have been great for them to get extra commercial time for how much they were charging, then when the game came back, the announcers were back. For half an hour they himmed and hawed their way talking about everything they could think of. Would the extra delay effect the play, would players tighten up and get injured, would they loose focus? Nobody seemed to know why the lights were out. I jokingly asked who thought it’d be a good idea to put the light switch to the stadium lights outside the men’s bathroom.

The truth of the matter is that these were the two best professional football teams this year. They should not have been affected by a little wait. They practice in those types of conditions all the time. They run practice, have lunch, come back for more practice. But what made this different? It was in fact different because when the lights came back on, half an hour after the initial outage, one full hour since the end of play for the first half, the 49er’s offence authoritatively marched down the field and scored their first touchdown of the game. A quick 3 and out for the Ravens and the 49er’s offense did it again. In a relatively short amount of time they were right back in the game, instead of being down to what seemed like insurmountable odds.

Now all this is great, and it’d be a Cinderella story I’m sure if the 49er’s had actually won, but they didn’t. The Ravens pulled themselves together and finished out the game. But the question still remains. Why did the power go out during the Super Bowl? The official explanation that was given was that an incoming feed got disrupted. Well that’s a nice explanation, but why was it disrupted? Did someone get drunk and run into a power line? Did someone sabotage it so that it would change the dynamic of the game? Was it a giant stunt by the Bud Light people to further advertise with their creepy and admittedly way to complex line of Voodoo commercials? It seemed like perfect timing. It seemed like foul play. I’m sure it’s just a big coincidence, but it turned what could have been a pretty disappointing second half into an exciting game!

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