What makes a good blog post?

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What makes a good blog post?

I have just finished writing a five-part series of articles about what makes a good blog article for our sister site, A Touch of Technology.  My goal with this series is to get you the reader involved and expand this list to be even more inclusive.  It would be great to make this series into an invaluable resource for blog writers of all levels.  I would greatly appreciate any and all of your feedback.

I’m only focusing on single blog entries, not what make a good blog.  There are some overlaps between the two, but one of the key concepts of creating a good blog, is having good articles that readers want to read.  I have broken down the aspects of a good blog article into 5 sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Establish Trust
  3. Establish Your Authority as an Expert
  4. Proofread and Format
  5. Focus on Content

There are more possible sections, but I cover a great deal in the sections I have included.  Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment sections.  I can add more sections if good points are raised, or expand the current sections.

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