What Makes A Good Blog Article?

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10980398_sIt’s the digital age, and in the digital age, everybody wants to drive traffic to their websites and write high quality pieces so that customers can convert sales into profits. Well, that’s all well and good, but it’s not easy or simple to write good content and post compelling articles that will consistently drive traffic to your website.

There are tips, though, that you can use to make it so that traffic comes to your website, customers and potential buyers find you online, and you convert potential leads to sales or any other metric you so desire. Here are a few of the tips for writing great content and driving traffic to your pages:

Start With A Great Title

Re-read the title of this blog. And again. What is it? Straight, simple, and to the point, right? Don’t tease people or give titles that are unclear or crowded in mystery or unnecessary words; we’ve all got a lot of stuff to do, and we all have limited time online; don’t tease us with a cute blog title, but come out and give an indication of how you are going to help the reader with their day.

If you can be simple and straight forward in that manner, you’ve got the ability to convert quite a few people moving forward and developing into more sales and leads. People will begin to trust you, and your company, and see you as a leader and expert in your industry, and that, in turn, only raises your profile and drives more traffic.

Headers Are Important, Too

Read the line right above this, just like you did with the title before. What’s so good about a header? Well, it helps separate thoughts, it’s great for skimming and outline reading for people who don’t necessarily have a lot of time when it comes to reading content, and it breaks up paragraphs and more in a way that can be great for search engine optimization and general layout issues.

Headers are a great way to separate distinct thoughts and provide for customers and potential leads the ability to take in information on their terms – not yours – making them want to trust and engage with you further, and work with you on whatever your organization, business, or personal brand may do.

It All Comes Down To Content

When it’s all said and done, though, it comes down to great content. If you are providing valuable information in your articles and blog posts, you allow your customers to learn something, be engaged, and be entertained with everything you have to say. When it comes down to that, then, your customers and leads are finding your content informative and before you know it, they keep coming back.

When it comes to great content, write about what you know; you’re the expert – show it off! Good content drives traffic more than any other tool or trick.

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