What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making a website or web page more visible, popular, or rank higher in a search engine’s search results. Generally speaking, the earlier, higher, and more frequently that a web page shows up in high in a search results list translates into higher traffic for that site, and more visitors to the site from a variety of sources.

SEO targets various searches, from images and local searches, to more specific searches on video, news, academic topics, and even industry-specific search engines for various niches, topics, and businesses. SEO is critical for businesses to attract and allow customers to search for their products, and for more information on the businesses themselves, as many people go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines first and foremost before any other site or portal to find information about businesses, products, and more.

In terms of Internet marketing, SEO works to figure out search engine algorithms and various web user’s search patterns, as well as the actual search terms and keywords that are likely to be placed into a search engine and what search engines are highly used by various audiences.

From a website’s perspective, optimization means editing content, HTML code, and images to increase relevance for certain keywords, and make it more likely that search engines can index activities so that people can search adequately for content and find the website easily on a particular search engine.

Things like backlinks, inbound links, and other SEO tactics work so that sites can rank higher in search engines and in turn find more customers and web page viewers through using these tactics.

Search engine optimization is increasingly important in this information and digital media age, as more and more people are joining the Internet for things from social media usage, to Internet commerce, to finding businesses and other information about various organizations and companies. SEO is critical since so many businesses and organizations are online, and it is important for businesses to stand out and rank highly for a variety of search terms so that people can easily find them and their products.

Additionally, social media sites rank very highly in SEO, and businesses can on occasion use their social media presence to bump and improve their rankings through using social media.

SEO, as you might expect, has become quite big business for companies, and businesses have popped up specializing in search engine optimization with professionals dedicated to working so that businesses will specifically rank higher for certain search terms and on certain search engines. While the science may not be exact, with careful word usage and intelligent HTML design, businesses can slowly rise to the top of search engine rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and a variety of other portals that individuals use to learn about businesses and products.

Search engine algorithms are always being tweaked and perfected for a good web experience for users, and as such, SEO is ever-changing and constantly evolving to meet growing demand, as well. Sort of like how the law is always changing, lawyers have to keep up with all the updates. SEO’s have to keep up with all the updates too. Sometimes a small change can destroy an SEO campaign if it’s not a well rounded approach.

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