What Is Google Page Rank?

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googleGoogle’s PageRank is an infamous link analysis algorithm developed by Larry Page and others at the company, that seeks to assign a numerical weight to various hyperlinked documents and web pages and used by Google’s search engine to determine which pages and links are important, effective, and carry a significant amount of influence.

The algorithm assigns various weights to pages based on the number of links, quality of links, and more, and effectively determines how and where a page should rank on Google’s front pages of the search engine so that potential searchers, buyers, and customers see the content easily and can search for it simply and without hassle.

Developed by the founders of Google while in college, PageRank was part of a research project about a new type of search engine that effectively and quickly turned into Google itself. The project sought to figure out a web page hierarchy based on link popularity; that is, based on which pages were rated and those with higher ratings generally received more links into them from outgoing sources and other web pages.

Very simply, the algorithm works to figure out multiple outbound links from various pages and effectively determines that, if a page is linked back to (from other websites) a great deal of times, than it is likely a high quality page that deserves a higher spot within the search engine as it is earning more traffic than other pages on the Internet.

There are ways that people have attempted to manipulate Google’s PageRank, though Google has been concerned with web masters trying to game the system and buy affiliate links on pages to link back to their website, in turn reducing the quality of Google’s search results. Because of this, Google has warned webmasters that there will be significant retribution for people who choose to undertake this work or effort in terms of manipulating pages in this manner.

The best way for people to rank highly through PageRank, increase their PR, and in turn increase their search engine presence to the first page, you must simply be able to earn back links from high quality sites in your niche or industry. That means providing good quality, high-level content that people find valuable enough to share and link back to, and can provide you with some sort of legitimacy for your work and website that will, in turn, raise its profile among Google’s search engine and algorithm trackers.

PageRank is a critical component of a wide variety of search engine optimization tools, techniques, and tactics. While millions of people are trying to get on Google’s front page for a variety of search terms, and it can be difficult to adequately do so depending on your niche or industry, if you are able to earn back links from other reputable websites to your pages and content, you can rapidly increase your PageRank and make it so that your content is higher revered by Google and website surfers alike.

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