What are the Samid’s gloves in Runescape?

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So I got a pair of these Samid’s gloves from my free daily spins on Runescape’s Squel Of Fortune game, and I saw that the convert to coin value was a whopping 324k. Now I thought that’s some good money for a free spin, so I decided to check out what the gloves actually did first. I had read the Runescape update that said there were gloves in the prize pool that make it rain gold while you’re skilling, but I hadn’t caught the name of them. Turns out these are it.

The Samid’s gloves make it rain gold

Oh yeah they do. Here’s the low down. I’m not sure how it calculates how much you get, but just randomly while you’re skilling, the Samid’s gloves will will be add gold to your pouch. Yeah, directly into your gold pouch. You’ll get a nice little notification that it happened and how much was added.   This means you don’t have to worry about watching for the drops either.  AFK skills can still be completed and you’ll be fine.  There are 100 charges on the Samid’s gloves, and then Runescape says that they will be just for show. Here’s a picture of what they look like on my character. Yeah I know, it’s green elegant, I’m old school – I bought it when it was new!

samids gloves runescape

Facts about the Samid’s Gloves

  • 100 charges
  • You *could* just get 324k convert to coins gold instead of claiming the gloves.  I see this as foolish though.
  • You can win them until April 8, 2013
  • You can use them until May 6, 2013 – But why would you wait.  It’s free money…..
  • They’re not tradeable, so no big payday if you were wanting to sell them.
  • They have no combat effect at all.
  • You have to be skilling in some way.  You will not get gold drops standing around.
  • While cooking Rocktail Soup in my Port, I received 197k in 1 drop.  Not sure if it’s coincidence or not, I don’t have enough rocktails to keep going to find out.  Rocktail soup is a very high level cooking activity, So I’ll try other high level activities and see if the drop amount is more.  Since that drop.  I did nothing but fish rocktail.  I randomly recieved bigger drops, about 4 in total for the 50 charges that were remaining.  They kind of seemed to correlate to every 10th charge.
  • My first pair of gloves emptied out.  I got a total of 3,120k from them.  That was pretty much right on target with the estimate. My second pair of gloves was less of a success, netting me mearly 1.6m
  • Checking the charge does not stop your current action.  For instance you will continue to cut trees while you check charge.

Rumors about the Samid’s Gloves

  • The amount of gold you get is based on your level.  I don’t really know.  I’ll test this out further.  I don’t know if it’s your total level people are saying, your combat level, or the level of the skill that you were doing when you got the gold.
  • At first I thought that the gold comes to you every 5 minutes, but it must be faster than that.  I was firemaking for 2 1/2 hours, or 150 minutes, and it used 48 charges.  I got 1.4m in gold as expected, but at that rate, it means that the gloves drop gold every 3 minutes or so.  I’m not sure if it counts the banking time or not, so maybe it drops after 3 minutes of skilling.  At that rate, it should only take 5 hours to completely use up a pair of gloves.  So to get your 3m, you’ll have to skill for about 5 hours.  Not a bad return of time since you get the experience for whatever you were doing.
  • The Samid’s gloves do not seem to like woodcutting.  In a full load of magic logs, which takes about 15 minutes, I only got 2 drops.  In my second load, I only got 1 drop, and that was on the very last log when my inventory was filled.
  • The “large” drops are rumoroured to take up multiple charges. This is okay for people looking to get through the gloves sooner. But I couldn’t keep a close enough eye on things to see if it was true.
  • A ring of wealth seems to have no effect on the amount of the drop.

Closing Thoughts

Here’s my thoughts.  These Samid’s gloves are pretty ridiculous.  I harvested 1 herb patch and got a drop of 31k.  If you multiply that out by 100 charges, then you’ve got a total drop of 3.1 million.  Million! 3.1 million free coins.  This just seems ridiculous  and the economy already seems unstable because of devaluation of items….  For those that want to hate me, and I’m fine with you posting your hate below.  My next spin after claiming these gloves, I got another pair.  What’s that mean?  I just made 6.2M without trying, in 1 day, for free……  You know how long it took me to cut 6.2M worth of Magic trees?   100 hours of cutting!  The fact they’re basically giving these away like candy is insane!  Let me know what you think below!

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