Viewing previous Queries in PHPMyAdmin

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Viewing previous Queries in PHPMyAdmin

If you’re busy in PHPMyAdmin and you do alot of repeat queries, or you just come back to a query now and again, you might find it useful to have a record of those queries.  Whether it’s just saving you time retyping something, or if you’re switching back and forth between windows and accidentally close your query window, having a record is always good.  There are two useful things you can do.  The first is bookmarking.

Bookmarking Queries in PHPMyAdmin

The bookmarking tool is useful if you have a query that you run all the time.  You can bookmark it and it will save the exact query for later use.  After you’ve run a query, just scroll to the bottom of the page.  There’s a textbox you can enter a name for your bookmarked query, and hit “Bookmark this SQL Query”  Saving is all well and good, but if you want to use it after, you’ll have to pull up your list of bookmarks.  If you pull up the SQL tab of any table, you can get to a dropdown at the bottom of the window.  Pull up the bookmark you want and hit GO.

Accessing SQL History

The history tab is something I stumbled upon one day.  You’d think it would be more prevalent, but it’s kind of hidden.   You would expect to see it as an option tab, or even on the SQL tab, but you actually have to run a query first, or hit the browse of a table, which runs the select all query.  After the query is up, you can see the edit button.  This pops up a new window that has a few tabs at the top.  One of them being the history tab.  Now you’re not going to get a huge list, but recent queries will be up there.  You can also get to your bookmarked queries on this window as well.

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