Top 5 Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier for Everyone

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Top 5 Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier for Everyone

Do you remember taking pictures on an old snapshot camera, driving to the pharmacy to have the photos developed, and waiting a week before you could even mail off the pictures to your family? With a smart phone and a home wifi connection, pictures can be shared instantly with family and friends across the globe. This is just the beginning. Here’s the top five ways technology is making everyone’s life easier.

Keeping in Touch

In addition to sending photos online, there are a huge number of ways to keep in touch with family. From email to social media to long distance Canada calls, everything has gotten much easier and less expensive in recent years.

Entertainment Options

Going to the cinema is no longer the reality for many of today’s families. A variety of entertainment options are available today, including cable service like the options at


Online gaming, e-books and other technology has put a world of entertainment at Canada’s fingertips.

Getting Help from a Business

Back in the day, getting support or help from a company meant looking through the phone book, dialing in and spending lots of time trying to get to the right person. Today, email and live chat support make most mundane inquiries a breeze.

Helping Us Stay Organized

Life today can be hectic, with a full-time career, various hobbies and a family life being the norm. How does a person keep track of it all? With online calendars, email and SMS reminder services, and online note-taking apps, it’s possible to stay totally synced up wherever you go. If one person goes to the store, another family member can add an item to the grocery list and have it picked up with ease.


Scanners with OCR technology allow businesses to scan in paper documents and contracts, then file the physical copy away. Searching for these documents on a computer is much easier than looking through a complicated filing system, and it also ensures a fresh copy of the document is available at all times.

Budgeting and Banking

ATMs are old hat by now, but mobile banking is a great way to keep track of finances. Making deposits, transferring money and checking balances before a purchase has never been easier. Some banks even allow you to deposit a check by taking a picture with your smart phone!


One thing’s for sure – technology is here to stay. By learning to take the best advantage of it we can, our lives can be greatly improved.

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