Six In-Demand Job Skills You can Learn Online

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Six In-Demand Job Skills You can Learn Online

Certain skills can be essential in today’s job markets. In fact, many employers want you to be familiar with things like the industry’s privacy policies, ethics, and workplace expectations before even being selected for an interview. It might seem awfully daunting as you being your job search, but the truth is knowledge can be very easy to come by online. Many of the skills you need to find or succeed at a job can be learned through Global Learning Systems software.

1. Ethics

Most jobs will ask you ethical questions at your interview. Wouldn’t it be great if you could know the answers ahead of time? Ethics training will help you know what to do in questionable situations. Your employer will definitely be impressed by how you can handle yourself.

2. Privacy Acts

Won’t it be great to walk into a job interview and be able to tell your employer you have already been trained in the industry’s privacy acts? Every industry just about has something different. For healthcare it’s HIPAA. For education it’s FERPA. Won’t it be nice to already have this part of your job training out of the way?

3. Security

In today’s world, secure information is everywhere in the workplace. You have to be very careful about who you can give it to and what to do with it when not in use. Online training in security measure will be essential to your job and will definitely look good on your resume.

4. Anti-Harassment

Workplace harassment is a big deal right now. Many employers will have employers do mandatory training about avoiding harassment situations. However, you can never be careful. Go ahead and schedule yourself for anti-harassment training online. You definitely don’t want a mark like that on your record.

5. Computer Skills

Computer skills are a mandatory requirement for just about every job out there right now. An online course in word processing and using the internet will greatly increase your chances of finding a job and being successful in it. More specific training classes might be helpful for certain career fields.

6. Foreign Language

Many employers like to hire bilingual employees because they are versatile and save time and money. Especially if you live in areas with a large population of individuals who don’t speak English, a foreign language course is definitely a good idea. Some courses are tailored for certain professions such as business or healthcare.

In just a few short classes, you can be on your way to getting your dream job or even landing that big promotion. Take some time to sign up for a class today.

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