Onsite Services

Sometimes you just need a hand, whether it be in your home, office, or home office! I can provide you with onsite service as well as common diagnostic problems. Take a look at the services offered below. Pricing is simple! There’s a $40 bench charge. After that, just add any service you wish. See my service region here.

Computer Diagnostics

Sluggish Computer Tuneup

There are all sorts of programs that offer quick and easy computer speed ups, but don’t be fooled. Many of those programs are actually spyware or viruses themselves. If you’ve had your computer for a while, then there are things that run that don’t need to be. Included in this service is a simple tune-up that will dramatically increase your computer’s start up time.

Fee: $10

Virus Removal

Viruses are the plaque of the internet. You don’t even have to be surfing the shady regions of the internet to get one these days. Virus protection is good, but there are times that new viruses, or even just persistent viruses slip through. Don’t forget about spyware or malware as well! A sure sign you have a virus is a program that keeps popping up telling you that there are viruses on your computer. Don’t pay them $20-$30 just to remove their program that they put on your computer. It will not protect you from future issues. Included in this service is basic removal of such programs and viruses. Note that there is a possibility that your specific virus cannot be removed through conventional methods and more invasive actions like restoring or reformatting your computer may be required.

Fee: $20

Computer Upgrades

RAM, Video Card, Motherboard, Fan, Or other hardware installations

Any hardware upgrade to desktop computers can be accomplished with this service.

Fee: $10

Hardware Upgrade Purchasing

I will consult with you to find out what areas of your computer may be lacking, then track down a few options for you to purchase. There is no bench fee for this since it’s all done by proxy. As a bonus, get a $5 coupon off installation!

Fee: $20

Operating System Upgrades/Restores/Reformats

I will install or upgrade your current operating system to whatever version you want. Note the cost of the actual operating system is extra, but there are two options for this service. Since operating system installs take hours to complete, this can either be done onsite with a bench fee, or the computer can be dropped off or mailed. Depending on the size of the computer, it may be the same price to have it picked up. This service includes re installing drivers for all hardware on your computer. Bonus services include data copying of your old files to the new operating system, hard copies of your files, program re installation if you provide the disks or they’re available online, and rush delivery.

  • Operating System Upgrade Fee: $60
  • Pickup Fee: $25 (must be in my service area)
  • Bench Fee: $40 (If onsite upgrade required)
  • File Transfer Fee: $5 / 20 Gigabytes
  • Disk Backup Copies Fee: $10 / 20 Gigabytes
  • Program Reinstallation Fee: $2 per program (You must have the disks or a list of online programs – like Notepadd++ or paint.net)
  • Rush Delivery: $25 (Upgrade will be done next day given there is no more than 200 Gigabytes of data to transfer.
  • Onsite Fee: All fees are multiplied by 1.5 times the offsite price. Depending on the amount of service the upgrade could take between 2-5 hours.


Networking / Internet

High Speed Internet Setup

Most high speed internet comes with a self installation guide, but if you’re having issues connecting to the web, let me help you. Included in this service is connecting up to 5 computers to your high speed internet service.

Fee: $10

Network Cable Installation

I have experience running Cat5/e/6 cable as well as phone cable and TV cable. If you’re looking for someone who can put outlets in your living room and feed them from your office, you found them. This is a great way to tidy up your office if you have multiple computers, or just give a hardwired connection to a bedroom or living room for your TV or game console. The price for this service is the bench fee plus $40 / hour of installation. Price of cable / connectors / wallboxes / connectors / etc is extra. A consultation is required to determine the scope of the project.

Hardware Peripherals

Printer/Fax/copier Setup

No matter what your printer, copier, fax or Multi-function machine, I can set it up for you. Included in the price is sharing your printer with up to 5 other machines, or making your printer accessible to any number of machines if your printer is network ready.

Fee: $10

Scanner/camera Installation

Scanners and cameras usually are connected to one computer. Included in the price is setup of the machine and installation of any scanner/camera software included with your scanner/camera.

Fee: $10

Peripheral Training

Included in the price is 1 hour of training for your equipment. Please let me know ahead of time what models you have and what you want to accomplish with the equipment. For instance, do you want to know how to double side print to conserve paper, print photos, shoot HD video, or just simple editing.

Fee: $30/hour

Service Region

I serve a 10 mile radius of Pheonixville PA in my general service area. If you live outside this region, simply add $1.50 per mile over 10 miles to the bench fee. The map below shows the radius, but general areas I serve are Pheonixville, Audubon, Oaks, Collegeville, Royersford, Limerick, Pottstown, Valley Forge, King of Prussia, Norristown, Coventry, Malvern, Exton, Trappe, and Chester Springs. Service Region