Lacasse Desk and Shelving units

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Lacasse Desk and Shelving units


All Pieces are Sold


I have a number of Lacasse Desk pieces available. Lacasse is very high end office furniture. This is not Ikea built furniture. It’s very solid. I looked through their current price list for desks like this, and there’s nothing under $600. Most pieces are $800-$1000. The corner pieces are all $1100+

That being said, I need the space, so I’m liquidating these pieces. I’m asking only $50 for a desk and the storage shelf/light unit that goes on top!

The picture below shows the basic unit I have. It’s essentially an extension for a corner piece because it has that short side, but it can be used as a stand alone piece. The gray shelf is not the unit that matches that desk. The unit that matches is the exact same length of the desk. All the gray shelving units have a mounted light underneath the shelf, and a built in cork board on the bottom.

The first pictured piece below has the following measurements:
35 1/4″ long
23 1/2″ deep

Other pieces that I have: They all match, with the red tops and gray bottoms and gray shelves. All extension pieces have shelves. All pieces are 29″ tall with feet that adjust an additional 3/4″ more. Pieces have general usage marks, a few scratches here and there, and could use a scrub down, but are in generally good shape.
1 rounded extension. Flat on 1 side with a post leg under a rounded section on the other end. Approximately 4 feet long.
Corner desks with and without keyboard trays in 3 sizes. These are the base pieces in building a larger desk set. There are many side extensions that can branch off these.
Left and right extensions for the corner pieces.
Extension pieces that have a pair of built in drawers on the one side.
1 6 foot desk piece with drawer. This has a matching 6 foot gray shelf/light. I also have an extra 6 foot gray shelf.

If you’re interested in building your own set, you could easily make a $3000 desk set for a couple hundred. A corner piece with an extension on both sides looks very impressive.


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