Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Cell phone usage is huge in today’s world.  Whether it’s actual mobile usage while on a train or on the road, or it’s just someone sitting on their couch, the use of cell phones to access the internet is increasingly becoming popular.  Personally I hate using my cell phone for browsing, but that could be because the sites I’m trying to access aren’t mobile friendly yet.  I get frustrated with the speed, which crawls along at 3-G rates, and the cumbersome way your have to navigate.  Put your own website to the test if you feel mobile users are an important target audience for you.  Did you get frustrated with your own site?  If so, your site is not mobile ready.

Here’s a quick summary of the full article (Click the title to read):

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

  • Cell phone usage is on the rise and a mobile friendly site is essential.
  • Mobile users are looking for their information as fast as possible.
  • The digital real estate for a mobile user is drastically smaller than a normal browser.
  • Mobile users don’t have a mouse, so don’t use hovers for effect or navigation.
  • Thumbs are not precision instruments!
  • Optimize your load times for mobile users.
  • Take action and make it easier on your mobile users by updating your design.
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