How To Write Good Blog Titles

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What makes good titlesWhen it comes to blogging, there are quite a few important things you need to do to make compelling content, and provide value for your readers and followers while they are entertained and engaged. But few things are more important with blogs than good titles that work as hooks that can attract and inform readers and get them sharing and loving your content.

Obviously, titles aren’t the only important part of a blog post, but they certainly are important, from being the reader’s first impression to being the way your post is shared and spread through social media with topics and tweets.

There are several things you can do and remember when you write your blog titles to make them shine.

Less Is More

Keep it simple, stupid! There is no crazy formula to make a perfect blog title, but you want to be simple and straightforward. You don’t need a 75 word title, or a crazy formula to get through it, but you do need to be concise. Keep simple with your titles, and tell your audience exactly what you’ll be writing about so you can drive traffic and help them with whatever they may need.

Give Them An Action Step

When possible in your title, give your readers something specific that they can do or follow from the get-go; that is, give them an action and tip step so they know they will find value from your content. When you provide obvious, outward value in your content to your readers and followers, you give them the opportunity to take an action step and take a specific result from your content; that, after all, is extremely valuable in and of itself.

Don’t Tease Or Confuse

People only have so much time when it comes to reading blogs and posts online; don’t give them a teaser or provide them with too little information, and similarly, don’t confuse your audience with a title on one topic, and a post on a separate topic. Come straightforward and forthright with your audience, and you provide them with exactly what to expect so they understand not only what they are going to be reading, but what they may get out of it. When you avoid teasing and confusing with titles, you give your readers an indication of exactly what to expect.

All in all, it’s critical that you write good blog post titles that are clear, compelling, simple and straightforward as you write. No matter what topic you are writing on, or where you may be blogging, you must make it straightforward and come correctly, so to speak; doing so provides transparent and authentic value for your readers while giving them a reason to keep coming back for more and visit your blog over and over again.

Good luck writing your future blog post titles, and remember – keep it simple, keep it straightforward, and give the people exactly what they want and need with every single blog title you write!

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