How Technology Will Improve Your Schooling

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How Technology Will Improve Your Schooling

Technology has been moving into schools slowly. Instructors, students and parents have spent years looking at how new technology can improve education. The development of network devices, widespread Internet access and handheld tablets has made it possible to bring technology directly into the classroom in ways that are natural and unobtrusive. Technology will improve schooling for students in a number of ways.

Distance Learning

Technology has made distance learning possible. Students can take distance-learning classes from any location. Students can watch and listen to a live class across the Internet. Many allow students to interact with instructors and classmates through the interface as well. Students with international plans for phones can easily call professors teaching classes from other countries to clarify points or explain coursework. Distance learning removes the geographical and time barriers that could prevent a quality education.

Instant Access to Information

Technology and the Internet are making it easy to access nearly any type of information almost instantly. Students are no longer restricted to printed textbooks or reference books in a local library. It is now possible to access entire encyclopedias, whitepapers and old publications online through a mobile device. This can help students and instructors to learn more about a topic or to pursue an interesting subject. It also provides an opportunity to gain a more complete understanding of the coursework.

Replay Lectures

Students now have the ability to record and replay lectures, lab work or other parts of the course. This makes it easier to review coursework before testing. Students can use the TV remote controls on to run a media player and watch recorded lectures at home on a television. This means students do not have to rely solely on notes or audio recordings that do not show presentations during class. Important parts of the course can even be replayed during future semesters as a reminder of key concepts.

Better Comprehension and Learning

Technology and software allow students to see complex concepts in different ways. Interactive graphs, three-dimensional (3D) models and real-time simulation tools all let a student manipulate data in order to see how complex ideas work. This improves comprehension and understanding in areas like math, chemistry and science. Better comprehension prepares students for more advanced courses in the future.


Technology has reached a point where it is a necessity in many schools instead of an option. Entire educational institutions rely on electronic attendance, grading and collaboration tools for instructors. Technology has made it possible for students to pursue self-directed learning and to better understand what is being taught in class.

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