Guest Posting Opportunities

Alot of people may wonder what guest posting actually is. Simply put it’s when you write content for another person’s blog in return for a link back to your site. There is no cost to guest posting. The website you give content to benefits because they get fresh new content without having to write it, and you benefit because you get contextual do-follow links back to your site that aren’t spammy or on pages with lots of other outbound links.

Here at Touch of Tech, we run numerous blogs that you are more than welcome to post content on. I’ve broken them up into categories below. You can even guest blog on this site! Most of these sites are fairly new, but they aren’t going to be closed and they all have their own domains. We’ll just keep adding content, so get yours in early to start building page authority.

Most of these sites you can sign up to be an author, format your article and get your post looking exactly how you want it before it is reviewed. This makes sure your links are formatted the way you want, and that there are no misinterpretations in copying from an external document or email.

Home Improvement

These blogs publish home improvement and DiY projects and tips for things around the house and garden.
Paint on My Walls (PR 2)
What’s on My Walls (PR 2)


These sites are technologically focused. Posts about new technologies, programming, computers, operating systems, SEO, online marketing and more are all acceptable.
Touch of Tech


These sites accept posts centered around “green” themes, environmental issues, gardens, Botany and other plant topics.
Go Dump
Finding Beauty in Ornate Botanicals


These sites focus around health and healthcare. Topics include personal health, the healthcare system, and general health knowledge.
Managed care discussion
Medical Evaluations
Clinical Planet
Clinical Evaluations

More Healthcare related blogs to come.


These sites post topics in the legal realm. Bankruptcy, Law, and Court Cases are just some available topics.
Bankruptcy Matters
Legal Chat
Best Legal Info
Chapter 11 Info
About Legal
Lawyer Mind
Bankruptcy Chapters
Bankruptcy Speak
Bankruptcy Talk
Chapter 11


More legal related blogs to come.

Holiday, Traditions, Memories, Life Stories, Ect.

These blogs focus on Life related posts. The holiday story publishes everything holiday related. That was the first blog put up in this list, minus this site. We’ve been publishing since December and already have a page rank of 2! Other topic possibilities include stories about life events, traditions your family has, or just fun stories you may know.
The Holiday Story (PR 2)
Half World Away
Life Gone By


These sites will publish pretty much whatever you want topic wise. There is no main focus. Just keep it appropriate and follow the posting guidelines the same as any of the other sites.
Show My Item


These sites all have a specific theme, but there aren’t multiple sites we run about the same theme, so the theme is listed right after the link. Please use your imagination for what they’re about based on the topic.
The Wedding Guide (Wedding tips & more)
My Card Showroom (Baseball and other sports cards, Collecting tips & more)
Baby My Space (Baby related)