Google +1 counter for list of URLs

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Google +1 counter for list of URLs

It was recently pointed out that there doesn’t seem to be a tool around to gather a total for all the Google +1’s on a domain. There are tools to do individual lookups. Open Site Explorer will do this, and they’ll do the top 25 pages of a domain, but there’s nothing for all the little pages that may have gotten recommended. Therefore, I created this free tool to find the Google +1’s for a list of URLs. Simply past a list of URLs, including http://, into the bottom text area and click find. The result will be a list of the urls and the +1’s associated next to it. Please be patient if you paste in a big list! I’m not sure how it will respond, or if Google will block my server’s IP, which would be really bad… I may have to implement a waiting system where results are emailed to you in a CSV file if you request more than a certain amount of URLs.

This was put together really quick, so if you find issues, or would like to see more options, leave a comment.

There is now a version I created that will get an entire domain: Free Google +1 Counter for Entire Domain


For now, please use the backslash. will not produce any results. will produce 13476 as the result.


Enter your list of Urls below. Please put 1 per line.

Credit for the Curl code goes to Tom Anthony

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  1. This tool is really cool. I was searching for a way to find the +1’s of some particular pages, unfortunately i couldn’t find an easy tools like this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  1. Free Google +1 Counter for Entire Domain - Touch of Technology | Touch of Technology - [...] into a text box, then having all the URLs checked for plus ones. That tool can be found at…

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