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I recently saw a good deal of chatter about Pox parties, and swapping infectious diseases in the mail. This program that Sanofi is running is in direct contrast with that. They are actually using proceeds from paid vaccinations to fund vaccinations for children that cannot afford insurance coverage.

Let me first say that I have no issue with parents wanting to let their child get chicken pox naturally. Yes there is a vaccine against it, but it’s not going to kill you in this day and age to get a natural immunity. If you do get a severe reaction, medical treatment can solve it. However, I pretty much draw the line there. It’s not safe to be exposing children to more dangerous pathogens like Measals, Mumps, or Rubella. Not only that, it’s dangerous to others around the children. there’s no need for willy nilly exposure. Yes the other children may be vaccinated, but what about little babies that may come in contact that haven’t been vaccinated yet. Or what if a child has a weak immune system and the vaccination doesn’t fully protect.

I believe all drug companies should be trying to get their vaccinations out to as many children as possible. With the current prices of vaccines, they should be able to afford to cover those who can’t afford it.

See the article about it. https://www.vaccineshoppe.com/static/adacelGift/index.html?utm_medium=custom&utm_source=mdlinx&utm_campaign=adacelhcp&utm_content=mdlinxcustom_giftextension

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