Free online string combination tool

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Free online string combination tool

This is a free tool to combine lists into a single list of all possible combinations. Simply put two lists into the boxes with each string on a new line. Clicking the buttons will combine the lists in your chosen order. Each string from the first list will be placed with each string of the second list. The resulting set of strings will have count(list A) * count(list B) results. If you choose to have spaces between the elements from the list, it will make sure there is a single space between the two elements. If you do not choose to have spaces, it will combine the two elements right next to each other and a space will only appear if there is a space on the line. As of now, the tool will not remove duplicates.

Let me know in the comments if there’s additional functionality you’d like to see.

List A

List B



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  1. Thanks a lot, this amazing tool helped me to save plenty of time!

    • Nice! Exactly what I needed


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