Free online base64 decoder and encoder

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Free online base64 decoder and encoder

Free base64 encoding/decoding

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It’s been a while since I’ve put out a free online tool, so here’s one that will encode your string into base64 and then decode it. The great thing about base64 is that you can use base64 strings in url’s and it won’t interfere with the url, meaning question marks, slashes, etc won’t break your variables. I like to encrypt sensitive values if I have to publicly give out url’s to pages that take dynamic input, for security reasons. Curious people may change an id if they see a url like id=5, but if all they see is a base64 encoded url of an encypted string like YXNkZiBhc2RmIGFzZGY=, even if they decode it, they’ll still see nonsense. Yes it’s more overhead when you go to read it, but it’s alot more secure.

So on to the tool.

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