For Sale, Everything’s for sale!

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For Sale, Everything’s for sale!

In the upcoming weeks my father and I will be listing a whole slew of items that we’re selling. Some of these things are big, some of them are antiques, some of them we just have too many of them to deal with. The major categories will be:


My father has done flea markets, yard sales, and auctions for over 25 years. We need to move out antique items that he’s collected over the years. This will be good stuff that he thought was more valuable than the other general items he was getting and selling at the markets at the time. His passion was glassware, which we probably won’t list on here unless it’s extraordinary, but if you’re a collector of depression glass, pressed glass, cut glass, or elegant glass from the early 1900’s through 1950’s then please let us know.

Plumbing Supplies

My father did own a small plumbing and heating supply warehouse until about 6 years ago when Lowes moved into the same block. We have an abundant amount of supplies to list. Our major listings to start will be duct work and antique sinks/toilets. The duct work is new, and the sinks are new old stock. They’ve never been installed, they’re still crated in their original packaging, and they’re going to be sold for dirt cheap prices. We have dozens of these old sinks that would be great for restoration projects. We have porcelain and cast iron sinks as well as single and double basin sinks just to name a few. We also have new old stock boilers that will be sold pennies on the dollar. They’re old, but they’re brand new! As time progresses, we will be listing various fittings, PVC, piping, rain spout, and other supplies as well.


Yes, we have some furniture too. Not a whole lot, but there are two antique refrigerators we’ll get listed here as well as some other general pieces. You never know what we’ll uncover!


We already have the 1949 Ford panel truck listed, but we may add the Ford stakebody truck you see in the one picture as well as my Mustang to the mix.

Check back often, or follow me on Twitter to get updates. Every time we list something new I’ll tweet it! All items will be local pickup only due to size.

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