Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

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Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

Smartphones have revolutionized the way people communicate and work and as the saying goes, there is an app for everything. There is some smartphone magic that may be a surprise to some, with five of the coolest tricks explained below.

Matching a Color

Those in the throes of redecorating will be happy to know that they can match the unusual color of the upholstery to the walls. This is accomplished through taking a photo of the item with the target color and letting an app do all the hard work. The matching will work with both paint and fabric.

Starting the Car

While remote ignition is not a new idea, it is new to smartphones and gives the user more flexibility about when and where to start the engine. This is handy on cold days and in situations where security is an issue. A remote start app can also operate the door locks, start the climate control and open the hood or trunk.

Securing the Home

The digital world has brought remote home security to the fingertips of smartphone users. Companies such as Vivint have led the way in helping home owners control lights, locks and temperature with a few taps on a screen. This function can be vital in the event of an emergency when there may be little time to secure a house before leaving.

Measuring a Heart Rate

Technology has brought many ways to monitor health to the smartphone, one of which is measuring heart rate. The user places a finger on the screen for a few seconds while an app takes the pulse. The results are presented showing the heart rate and where it falls on the health scale. This also aids those who exercise regularly by showing a target heart rate.

Control a TV or DVR

With the addition of an infrared device, an iPhone can be used as a remote control for any television set and can program a DVR from any location. This is very useful for those who travel or simply lose track of standard remote controls. These features can be used alone or as part of a more extensive setup from a Bethlehem home automation dealer.

Smartphones are great for staying in touch, conducting business and using social media. They can also act as amazing security tools and help to make everyday life and health easier.

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