Five Tech Etiquette Tips to Follow When Applying for Jobs

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Five Tech Etiquette Tips to Follow When Applying for Jobs

With each passing day, our lives and communications with one another become more and more centered around technology. Employers are aware of this fact, and a great number now prefer that clients apply for jobs via email. That doesn’t mean that the world of job applications has become any more casual. On the contrary, now more than ever proper etiquette is utterly necessary if you plan on getting that coveted interview. That goes double if you use an online service to find potential employers—and if you don’t, visit, as it’s one of the most respected such services on the web.

1. Choose a Professional-Sounding Email Address

Employers have to parse hundreds of job applications, and will seize upon any opportunity to narrow their pool of applicants. An unprofessional email address is a clear cue for employers to press “Delete” without even reading the body of your email. As a general rule, only use email addresses consisting of your name or initials in business correspondence.

2. Greet Your Employer Politely

Like a physical job application, you don’t want to just rush into a job request. The first line of your email should read “Dear Mr./Ms.”, followed by the employer’s name. If you aren’t sure of the employer’s name, “Dear Sir or Madam” is always acceptable.

3. Be Brief

Be clear, concise, and to the point in your email. It’s appropriate to give the employer your name, and some brief personal information telling them why you are right for the job, but don’t belabor the point: that’s what your résumé is for.

4. Proofread Your Email

Even the best typists make mistakes. Make sure to personally check your email for errors in spelling and punctuation before sending it off, and do not always count on your word processor’s spell-check feature to catch mistakes. Most employers will forgive a single typo, but an email riddled with errors sends a message of apathy and laziness.

5. Use Tech, Beware Tech

If you are obeying all the tips above, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the interview of your dreams. In most cases, you should turn off your cellphone before going in, but if you do need it on, don’t even think about texting during the interview. Finally, you do get the job don’t forget to maintain the same etiquette in your communication with your new boss.


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