Easy Website Building Using WordPress

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Easy Website Building Using WordPress

Internet has become the major mode of communication for all people as well businesses, and websites have become the key factor for them to reach the potential audience. There are many static websites on the internet but not all can identify them. They are much simpler and used for the small companies. The content or any features of these static websites cannot be changed unless for the assistance of a web developer. Though the development process of the static website is simply due to the lack of blog posts etc. with the use of WordPress you can make the building process of your website easier, as WordPress offers you with numerous plugins and themes to add exquisite features to your website.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

There are thousands of free WordPress themes, as well as plugins for all purposes, offered for websites. You can easily get them with a simple Google search for “free WordPress themes”.  That will give you a number of results from which you can choose the appropriate one.

There are also various plugins provided by WordPress to add various features to your website. You can obtain them by a Google search or visiting the WordPress.org. With the management of the widgets in the admin panel you can change the look of your website sidebar without any coding process.

It is important for you to add the SEO plug-in, to gain visibility for your site. You can also add the privacy policy plug-in as well as the site map plug-in, if you prefer to make your website more convenient to be identified by the search engines. Using the Google sitemap plug-in and getting registered with Google Webmaster Tools will help you to have a prominent place in Google as well.

You can use the ads manager plug-in or related plug-in in order to add affiliate banners or AdSense to your website. You will require the exec php plug-in to use the ads manager plug-in efficiently. You can easily add and manage all the banners for your website sidebar simply using this plug-in. You also can browse various plugins and add them if you prefer the particular feature

Using the WordPress Plugins for Your Website

Once you have installed the WordPress platform for your website, you can download the plugins and themes you prefer to use. Once you login to the admin panel you can upload the preferred plugins and theme to your server. It is advisable for you to read the direction for using the plug-in provided by the author. You can simply activate all the plugins to use them.

Once you create a new page you can label it and add the keywords and the description about the page. You can use various templates and you also can disable the comments if you prefer. According to your preference and convenience you can add various subcategories for your website. With the small changes you can present your static WordPress website easily and more efficiently.

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