Design Flaws: Some of the Most Dangerous Machines We Use Daily

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Design Flaws: Some of the Most Dangerous Machines We Use Daily

Machines make our lives easier. We rely on them on a daily basis to get us where we need to go, make our food, and more, But if something goes wrong, we can be injured by these very same machines. Here are some of the most dangerous machines we use on a daily basis, and how to stay clear of their more dangerous side.



For all the safety features that come installed on vehicles, you are still sitting in what is essentially a tin can moving at more than sixty miles per hour, a machine that is powered by explosions. There are numerous redundancy systems in place to prevent accidents, but there is always a very fine balance between the moving parts, and the chemicals needed to keep them moving. If something goes wrong, you can find yourself flying off the road, or caught in the midst of an explosion. More deaths and injuries occur every year from car accidents than ever before according to accident lawyers in Cartersville. Keep yourself protected by getting airbags inspected, and always wearing a seat-belt. When you have taken precautions you will significantly reduce the chance of being injured in an accident.



You might not think of printers as dangerous. What’s the worst that could happen, you get some ink on you? It’s been revealed that certain forms of laser printers release ultra fine particles into the air that can lead to severe lung problems, and even cancer. Because the particles are microscopic, they are rarely thought of. After all, out of sight, out of mind.


Space Heaters

Though technology permeates our lives, we aren’t far removed from the cave man. Space heaters are a camp fire contained in a convenient box. If unattended, a space heater can lead to fire, cause an explosion, and more. If the gas line comes unhinged, the moment you light the pilot light, the gaseous fumes in your home can ignite. As convenient as it is to have heat on demand, space heaters are undeniably dangerous.



Dishwashers work by flinging hot, scalding water over your dishes in order to kill bacteria, and get out even the toughest set-in stains. However, if you aren’t careful and open a dishwasher while it is running, there is a chance you can be hit with steam. If you wear glasses, this often leads to reaching into a dishwasher unable to see, until your glasses clear up, and that can mean cutting your hand on knives set to wash or rotating blades.


Household appliances and common every day machines are necessary. Their loss would set us back into the stone age, but it is necessary to be careful and be aware when using them.

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