Business Bingo: Ideas for Keeping Your Campaigns Local

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Business Bingo: Ideas for Keeping Your Campaigns Local

Some businesses only operate online, giving them the world to market to. Others, like walk-in stores and medical offices, operate on a much more local platform. Professional marketing companies can help you to reach your local audience. Here’s how you can find ways to get your product out there, and your reach growing.

Find other local merchants to trade promotions with. For example, if you’re a jewelry maker, talk to small boutiques about selling your items. In exchange, you can post links to the shop on your website and talk about it on social media. You can also setup a promotion exchange so other business’ customers get a perk. For example, if you sell cookies, provide free samples to an area coffee shop. The cafe will give something to their customers and you’ll get free advertising. In exchange, hold a coffee event in your cafe once a month or seasonally.

Host an Event

One thing that physical businesses have that online businesses sometimes don’t, is the ability to host a real event. By getting people in the door for the first time, you’ll attract new buyers and repeat customers. The best part is people will learn where you’re located, which can be a major boost when you’re just starting a business.

Fill in the Gaps
What are other like-minded businesses doing? More importantly, what aren’t they doing? By finding the gaps in their marketing strategy, you can fill them in and fill a need of your customer base. It may be as simple as making a Pinterest account when everyone else is still trying to make a splash on Facebook. A Progressive Dental Marketing company often advises a direct mail strategy for dentists. This way their advertisements aren’t confined online and can be more accessible locally.

Give Back
Do some research and seek out your area’s charitable events, or make a donation. Make sure your brand is on whatever you donate, or that it relates back to your business. For example, if you’re going to donate a bracelet from your shop, include a business card with your logo and maybe even a coupon to entice them to shop with you. If you’re a business that only offers services, you can still make a donation – give a credit for one of your big services, for example. Giving back brings you closer to the community and helps solidify your name and brand as a presence.

Marketing globally isn’t necessarily easier than marketing locally. There’s something to be said for having a niche, like a specific geographic location, and sticking with it. You may have fewer people to market to than a global brand, but they may be more likely to become loyal customers.


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