4 Reasons Your Business Must Use Mobile Applications To Thrive

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4 Reasons Your Business Must Use Mobile Applications To Thrive

You might think that all of those mobile applications that are available for download through Google Play stores or iTunes are for fun, but that’s not necessarily true. While it does cost money to develop a mobile application, businesses can truly benefit from investing in the design and deployment of their own mobile applications. If you’re debating whether or not you should take on the expense of having an intuitive and solid mobile application or mobile-friendly site designed and developed for your brand, here are 4 reasons why you should make the investment.

Lower Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction

Mobile apps and mobile sites can lower the cost of customer service and increase overall satisfaction. Customers want to do business with a business that is easy to get in touch with. If you take the time to give your customer access to tools, like applications and mobile-ready websites, that make contact easier, you can offer value. Find a premise that is relevant and that will make life easier for your customers. By doing this, you can lower the cost of delivering customer service while still improving satisfaction ratings.

Increase Repeat Business and Lower the Cost of Generating Business

As you probably know, it cost about 10 times more the generate new business than it does to persuade a customer to do business with you again. Because of this, marketing to existing clientele should be a priority of yours. Statistics published by Google Blog Statistics in 2012 show that 74 percent of people who visited a mobile-friendly website were more likely to return, and this translates into repeat business and lower customer costs. Technically speaking, hiring development companies like the one found at http://www.solutionstream.com is an investment into lowering your marketing costs and lowering your customer service costs.

Improve Search Engine Rankings and Expand Your Reach

Did you know that mobile application downloads and traffic to your website from a mobile device can improve your search rankings? By generating organic traffic, you can improve your rankings and get even more organic traffic. If you have a mobile-ready website with valuable content that speaks to visitors, you can also increase your conversions and earn a larger book-of-business and more revenues.

Mobile Users Are More Likely to Buy

There is a difference between traffic that is paid for and traffic where the visitors have a genuine need for the products or services that you’re offering. If you have a mobile application that your visitor has downloaded, they genuinely have an interest in products or services you’re offering. These organic leads, even if they haven’t done business with you yet, are 67 percent more likely to buy on your site.

Your business, no matter how big or small your market share in the industry is, has a need for a custom mobile application. Make sure to look at the cost as an investment, and choose a reliable development company dedicated to designing a software application that is intuitive and useful.

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