For Sale: 1949 Ford Panel Truck

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For Sale: 1949 Ford Panel Truck
The Truck is now sold, thank you for those who had interest in it.

This truck is in great shape. It’s in solid original condition. It’s been garage kept on a cement floor for over 20 years. It has not been run in 10 years, but was running when put away. There is a mild crack in the shell near the bumper on the back right.


You could easily make this into a stunning hotrod, or just clean it up for an original feel. It has alot of potential to be an amazing truck for shows.


1949 Ford Panel Truck Details

Engine: Flat head 8 cylinder

Model: 1949 Ford F1

Price: sold

Mileage: 82,557

Last Inspected: 1992

Updated*** Added three pictures of the engine, included mileage, and lowered the price! Please share this post with your friends if you’d think they’d be interested!

Some pictures of the panel truck

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  1. Like your truck . I have a F 1 49 as well . I am in Iowa , but I would but your van if the price ever gets to 5’000. Lit me know if it ever gets in that range. Clyde

    • Thanks Clyde,

      We’ll let you know if it comes to that.

  2. is this still for sale see it was posted over year ago

    • It actually is. It was moved into another garage, so the urgency to sell it went away. Email me if you’d like more details, or would like to see it.

      • do you still have f1 for sale?

        • Yes it’s still for sale. Someone did look at it and got it sputtering, but nothing more has been done to it.

          • I would be ready to deal on it today in the $5000.00 range. Cash in hand. Near Atlanta, GA if there is no rust .
            Let me know.

          • That’s probably a bit low, but I’ll run it past my father.

          • Where at in pa wouldn’t mind taking a look

          • Hi Mark,

            It’s in Oaks, PA, 19456. It’s right off 422 if you know where that it. Shoot me an email if you’d like to set up an appointment.

      • sell The car ¿
        We want .
        We are from costarica .
        Tell me if You have ¡,

        • Hi, We have no interest in dealing overseas, sorry.

  3. Andrew, would like to take a look let me see when

  4. Andrew, would like to make a fair offer to try to keep in pa

  5. Andrew that emil wouldn’t go through please give another

    • Yours bounced back for me as undeliverable.
      Email: It’s the one I use every day. Try sending from a different account.

  6. Andrew I’m interested email me

  7. Have you sold to Mark? I’m interested if you are willing to deal overseas? I’ve been looking for a long long time over here in England and they are few and far between. please let me know your thoughts about selling overseas thank you
    David Stonard

    • We did not sell it to Mark, he has not emailed me. We’re not looking to sell overseas. If you would like to have an american agent buy it for you and handle the shipping/customs that may be okay, but we won’t take on that liability.

      • Thank you, I’m making a deal elsewhere at the mo. but if it falls through I’ll be back to you. Looks like a lovely truck to me!

        • No Problem. Thanks for looking!

  8. Has it sold ?

    • Yes the truck is sold

  9. do you still have the panel truck please call me

    • Yes the truck is sold


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